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Rare human rights event gathers Isaan communities and foreign diplomats

Among heavy security presence, hundreds of Isaan community members and foreign missions from five countries gathered at a rare human rights event last week in Maha Sarakham.

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Isaan’s rickshaw drivers pedal into an unknown future

Cycle rickshaws have survived both Thailand’s rapid modernisation and a ban from the streets of Bangkok. But almost 150 years after making its first appearance, the three-wheeled vehicle is becoming a rare sight in the Northeast.

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New push for potash mining hits opposition in Isaan

As mining companies are rushing to dig up one of the world’s largest potash deposits, local opposition is growing in the Northeast

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Bonnie Brereton: finding democracy in Buddhist murals

Art historian Dr. Bonnie Brereton talks about Buddhist murals as a “democratic vision of society,” and a growing recognition of the shared culture in a region stretching from central Isaan to Laos.




National development plan introduces the ‘Ethnic Question’ for the first time

Mentioning the term ‘ethnicity’ in the Twelfth National Economic and Social Development Plan for the first time is a major step forward for the Thai state.

Activists mobilize 300 supporters to protect water reservoir in Sakon Nakhon

A environmental group in Sakon Nakhon Province’s Wanon Niwat District is mobilizing local residents to protect the area’s main water reservoir from the impact of industrialization projects.
Culture Interviews

Family-run movie theater in Ubon Ratchathani survives decades of changes

Movie theaters chains have replaced most of the independent cinemas once found in almost every city of the Northeast. But in the region’s smaller towns, stand-alone movie parlors continue to draw a loyal audience.

Fortify Rights: Journalists back on trial for defamation of mining company

The trial against four Thai PBS journalists for a news report on a gold mine in Loei Province continues after Thailand’s Appeal Court overturned an earlier ruling.

Patterns of intimidation – Authorities target activists and their families in the Northeast

Activists in the Northeast say authorities have been harassing their families through unannounced home visits and phone calls.