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Pheu Thai confident of victory in Isaan, but ready to fight against minority PM

After almost five years of banned political activity under military rule, Pheu Thai Party still commands a loyal following in the Northeast. At a rally on March 1, long-time supporters and members of the Red Shirt movement gathered to show their support for the party.

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Voices from Isaan: Boost incomes and improve education, voters say

What policies matter most to voters in Isaan? What parties will they choose to represent their interests? People share their thoughts on the upcoming election on March 24, the first polls since the military suspended democratic rule in 2014.

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Isaan Lives: Singing the song of resistance

After two and a half years in prison for performing in a play deemed offensive to the monarchy, Isaan artist Patiwat Saraiyaem struggles with the stigma of being an ex-convict. But the time behind bars also fueled his creative fire.

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Isaan migration through the lens of love

Migration has been grabbing global news for years. But the rising migration trend of Isaan women to western countries in the past 15 years has gone largely unnoticed.

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Martin Wheeler, the simple life that slipped away

Living the life of a farmer in rural Isaan, Martin Wheeler became the poster child for organic agriculture and the sufficiency economy model. But much of the attention, Wheeler says, was misdirected. His farm which once grew rice and vegetables is now filled with sugarcane and grown with chemical fertilizer.




Isaan votes against military rule, Pheu Thai rules at the ballot box

In first election since the coup in 2014, Isaan voters widely rejected military rule and handed Pheu Thai Party a strong mandate.

Voices from Isaan: First-time voters want to make a difference

First-time voters, aged 18 - 25, make up around 7 million or about 14 percent of the electorate. We asked some them in Khon Kaen about domestic issues closest to their hearts, policies they want to see and the parties they want to vote for.

In red heartlands, farmers’ hope grows ahead of the election

Since the coup in 2014, farmer and red shirt groups in the North and Northeast were effectively silenced. But local red shirt leaders hope to revive their movement after the election.

Election season, like a fish sauce seller passing by

After almost five years under military rule, campaign season is in full swing in the Northeast. But among many rural voters, there seem to be only muted excitement and little hope that the election will bring about change. Visarut Sankham captures the mood ahead of the polls on March 24 in Khon Kaen’s Constituencies 3 and 4, two of the largest electoral districts in the province where candidates of 42 parties contest in the race.

Pro-military party rally in Khon Kaen: “When I say ‘government,’ you say, ‘Palang Pracharat!’’’

The rally of Palang Pracharat Party last weekend in Khon Kaen drew a crowd as large as 30,000. But according to a recent poll, the military junta's proxy party faces an uphill battle in the Northeast.