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Sulak Sivaraksa: Behind the audience with the King

Sulak Sivaraksa has been charged with royal defamation no less than six times. Speaking to The Isaan Record, he tells the story of his audience with King Rama X, and how it purportedly led to a military court dropping the most recent case against him. He also talks about the need for Thailand to allow its Isaan Lao to celebrate their culture and ethnicity.

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On women and their role in Thai politics

Edited keynote speech of the forum, “Isaan Women in Politics: Environmental Activism and Democratic Practice,” at Rajabhat Sakon Nakhon University on 25 Ocotober 2019 by Bencharat Sae Chua, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University

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How Isaan’s alternative energy future could shine bright

Northeast Thailand has the potential to become a solar power hub. But with high installation costs, the government should do more to promote the use of alternative energy.

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My mother, the marriage migrant

People looked down on my mother because she used marriage to create a better life for us overseas. What’s so shameful about that?




A blue Mekong means sinking biodiversity and hard times for river communities

After the unusual change of color of the Mekong River last year, environmental expert Santiparp Siriwattanaphaiboon warned that manmade changes “will eventually bring an end to the civilization of those living on the banks of the Mekong.”

Work in progress: a decade of human rights in Isaan

“Isaan people have become more rights-conscious, which means they won’t submit to anyone easily. No one can mess with them anymore because they won’t allow it,” says former human rights commissioner Sunee Chaiyarot in this interview on human rights in Isaan.

As teen pregnancies soar, Isaan youth calls for better sex-ed

As teenage pregnancies numbers continue to rise, students at Khon Kaen University wonder: "What is wrong with sex education in Thailand?"

Why we should care that Isaan’s lakes are green

Harmful algal blooms are turning lakes across the Northeast green resulting in environmental and human health issues. Anthony C. Kuster proposes a cost-effective remedy to expedite lake restoration that has only recently come to Thailand.

“It could have been me”: talking human rights with the Swedish ambassador

Staffan Herrström, Sweden’s ambassador to Thailand, Lao PDR, and Myanmar, talks about the Swedish perspective on human rights before a crowd of students, activists, academics and local community members attending the 10th Isaan Human Rights Festival at Ubon Ratchathani University.