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Lao women in Isaan’s karaoke bars: “Men certainly don’t pretend we’re waitresses.”

Under the guise of waitresses in karaoke bars, Lao migrant women continue to work in the sex trade in the Northeast, despite the risk of arrest and deportation.

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Voices from Isaan: Boost incomes and improve education, voters say

What policies matter most to voters in Isaan? What parties will they choose to represent their interests? People share their thoughts on the upcoming election on March 24, the first polls since the military suspended democratic rule in 2014.

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Isaan under Siamese colonization: Eradicating the Tai Noi script

Lao groups in the Northeast once used the Tai Noi script. But Siam’s national integration project imposed Central Thai as the only official language in the region.

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Isaan migration through the lens of love

Migration has been grabbing global news for years. But the rising migration trend of Isaan women to western countries in the past 15 years has gone largely unnoticed.




“The civil union bill misses the target” says Thailand’s first transgender MP

Thailand’s first transgender parliamentarian Tanwarin Sukkhapisit talks about the road to gender equality as the country might become Southeast Asia’s first country to legalize same-sex marriage after Taiwan became Asia’s first this month.

Thailand’s civil union law: Turning dreams into reality?

Thailand could become Southeast Asia’s first country to afford legal status and protection to same-sex couples. But it remains unclear if the next government will pass the proposed civil union law. Meanwhile, the LGBT+ community is split over the new legislation.

Activists in Mueang Phia express concern about planned sugar mill and power plant

Locals in Mueang Phia were ready to put up fierce opposition against the construction of a sugar mill and power plant close to their homes. But in an unexpected move this week, the company announced to postpone the project that is feared will pollute the air and damage the delicate ecosystem of Lake Lawa.

Memories of a movement: How the election crushed one Red Shirt’s hopes for a comeback

Like many Red Shirts in the Northeast, Sabina Shah expected the election to stir the country towards democracy. But as political parties made only lackluster use of the old red shirt network, she found her infamous radio voice suppressed. Today, she wonders if the Red Shirts will ever see the return to glory they have been waiting for.

After the election, questions linger for Isaan voters

Two weeks after the March 24 election, the results are still inconclusive. A few Isaan people in Bangkok accepted the vote. But many suspect the military government has cheated and call for the power to be returned to the voters.