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Tell us about your “Life Under Dictatorship”

Life Under Dictatorship is our new section chronicling how people live under Thailand’s military dictatorship. We are looking for

  • observations about how dictatorship affects your life, or those of others
  • personal accounts of encounters with the military/authorities
  • reflections on the nature of living under a military dictatorship

You can submit contributions directly and anonymously using the link below.




China’s banana boom is ‘saving’ a Mekong community threatened by Chinese dams

A Mekong riverside community forced to give up fishing as a livelihood due to the damming of the Mekong river in China is now turning to growing Cavendish bananas for export to China.

A call to arms for Isaan literature

In a forum hosted by Sisaket Rajabhat University, Isaan writers young and old have come together with academics to discuss the state of Isaan literature. No longer content to have their cultural narrative voiced by others, they advocate telling the stories of contemporary Isaan through an authentic Isaan voice unfiltered by Bangkok norms.

Grandmas weave for radical change

Villagers in Loei have fought a decade-long battle against a gold mine that they claim has poisoned the land around them. Their ongoing protest to the mine has cost the community both time and money. But the efforts of a weaving cooperative has alleviated their financial burdens substantially. Last Saturday, villagers celebrated the opening of a new weaving center.

Martin Wheeler, the simple life that slipped away

Living the life of a farmer in rural Isaan, Martin Wheeler became the poster child for organic agriculture and the sufficiency economy model. But much of the attention, Wheeler says, was misdirected. His farm which once grew rice and vegetables is now filled with sugarcane and grown with chemical fertilizer.

Chaiyaphum land rights activist sentenced to 12 months in jail

The prosecution of a prominent land rights activist is part of a legal campaign that may lead to the eviction of dozens of families living in Sai Thong National Park. Since 2014 forest communities across the country have been targeted as part of the military government’s forest reclamation policy.