The Good Daughters of Isaan (19) – Powered by Thai migrant online groups, fried frogs travel the world

How to satisfy your craving for some fried rice-field frogs in the UK or feed your relatives in Thailand seasonal red ants eggs when you’re thousands of miles away? Through online communities, Thai women living abroad have found creative ways to still their hunger for a taste of home and take care for their families back in Thailand through food deliveries.

ศิวกร ราชชมภู


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Everywhere, All at Once

The youth movement shaking Thailand now is remarkable for its ability to manifest itself seemingly everywhere and at the same time. Guest contributor Eli Elinoff explores what such a phenomenon means for democracy in Thailand.

Children’s Revolt

It’s a cliche to say that a given country is at a “crossroad,” but in this case Thailand really is. Do the elders have the wisdom to hear what the younger is demanding and negotiate a very different kind of future for the country?

Doing journalism is not a crime

The use of violence against protesters has a direct effect on the media who’s reporting in the area where the demonstration was dispersed. So the Isaan Record condemns the use of violence and the arrest of a Prachatai reporter.




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