Letter to the editor: Response to op-ed on revitalizing Isaan Lao literacy

Dear Editor, I read with interest your recent article by Peera Songkünnatham titled “Let’s revitalize Isaan Lao literacy through translations’ in which he mentioned the Isan Culture maintenance and Revitalization Programme. I would agree that Peera’s aspirations, i.e., the revitalization of Isaan by writing in Isaan and translating global classics into Isaan using Thai phonetics, […]

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales (part two)

Last Friday The Isaan Record began publishing installments of folk tales from Isaan that were collected and translated into English in 1965. Today we present one tale from Udon Thani and two versions of another tale from Bua Lamphu.

Let’s revitalize Isaan Lao literacy through translations

Isaan Lao is widely spoken in Thailand, both in and beyond Isaan. But when it comes to reading books, bilingualism has virtually disappeared. A culture of reading that fully incorporates one’s native Lao has been lost — this has to change thinks Peera Songkünnatham

SPECIAL: Isaan folk tales

The Isaan Record is proud to republish English translations of a collection of Isaan folk tales put together more than a half century ago. Organized by Kermit M. Krueger, a United States Peace Corps Volunteer working at Mahasarakham Teachers’ Training College, students and teachers found stories from throughout the region, translated them and created illustrations, […]

Letter to the editor: Isaan folk stories retold by students in the 1960s

I love the Isaan Record. Fifty years ago (1963-1965), I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer teacher of English as a second language at the then Teachers Training College of Mahasarakham. Although I’ve never been able to go back to Thailand, and especially to Isaan, I long wondered about how that land and its people […]

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