The Good Daughters of Isaan (20) – A heavy burden: migrant, wife and worker in the global care sector

Thailand’s female marriage migrants often shoulder a double burden as unpaid caregivers for their families and paid workers in the care sector of their destination countries. Academic Patcharin Lapanun takes a look at the complex links of transnational marriages, migration and global care work.

พัชรินทร์ ลาภานันท์


The Good Daughters of Isaan (19) – Powered by Thai migrant online groups, fried frogs travel the world

How to satisfy your craving for some fried rice-field frogs in the UK or feed your relatives in Thailand seasonal red ants eggs when you’re thousands of miles away? Through online communities, Thai women living abroad have found creative ways to still their hunger for a taste of home and take care for their families back in Thailand through food deliveries.

ศิวกร ราชชมภู


The Good Daughters of Isaan (4) – Stop stigmatizing us, we Isaan women determine our own fate

A column by a Matichon Weekly columnist last December derided Isaan women who marry Western men as uneducated, materialistic, and good-for-nothing. Pintong Lekan, a women’s right activist who filed a lawsuit for defamation against the author, writes about the lifelong discrimination she has faced as an Isaan woman.

พิณทอง เล่ห์กันต์

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