Series : “The new generation of Isaan rises up” – The political crisis and students with high expectations (6)

Amid calls from Thailand’s new generation for the resignation of the prime minister, the amending of the constitution, and reform of the monarchy, the Isaan Record talks with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Phatharathananunth from Mahasarakham University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences about a solution for the country’s political crisis. 


Hathairat Phaholtap


Series: “The new Generation Isaan rises up” – Nick Sarakham: The voice of grassroots people (4)

At political rallies, Thanawit Sepsuk or “Nick Sarakham,” who is also known as “Nattawut 2,” speaks about the problems faced by people at the grassroots after he was inspired by the red-shirt protests he had attended with his parents as a child. “People at the grassroots have been seen merely as a base of resources that the central government can take away.”




Series: “The New Generation of Isaan rises up” – We must dare to speak the truth (3)

“It’s a lesson learned by the redshirts: it’s always been about the middle class. The thing that other leaders, including the redshirts, that everyone has tried to demand: a good life, rights and equality, that’s it.” said Thanawit Sepsuk, (Comrade Nick) MSU Democracy Front. Series: “The New Generation of Isaan rises up” – We must dare to speak the truth (3)


The Isaan Record


Isaan LGBTIQ+ – A dream of a LGBT lawyer: “All genders must be equal” (5)

“LGBT people are more present in political movements than others because we face more problems than ordinary people. We’re suppressed, discriminated against by society. We face inequality based on our diverse genders.” Pornsit “Lawyer Tor” Raksasap, a representative of local LGBT group and member of the “Sisaket Can’t Stand It” group.


ดวงทิพย์ ฆารฤทธิ์

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