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Isaan Lives: Singing the song of resistance

After two and a half years in prison for performing in a play deemed offensive to the monarchy, Isaan artist Patiwat Saraiyaem struggles with the stigma of being an ex-convict. But the time behind bars also fueled his creative fire.

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Isaan migration through the lens of love

Migration has been grabbing global news for years. But the rising migration trend of Isaan women to western countries in the past 15 years has gone largely unnoticed.

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Martin Wheeler, the simple life that slipped away

Living the life of a farmer in rural Isaan, Martin Wheeler became the poster child for organic agriculture and the sufficiency economy model. But much of the attention, Wheeler says, was misdirected. His farm which once grew rice and vegetables is now filled with sugarcane and grown with chemical fertilizer.




Eyes on heaven – Isaan’s Christian converts navigate a rocky road to acceptance

Christian converts are carving out a place for themselves in Isaan as they navigate a society dominated by other belief systems.

Isaan Lives: Vietnamese sandwiches and a word with Jehovah

A second-generation Thai-Vietnamese shopkeeper chose a uncommon faith in the Northeast

The avatars of Rasi Salai

In Rasi Salai, “the capital city of spirits,” locals use their connections to ancient forest spirits to protest development projects and protect the environment.

Rasi Salai group plans to set up green market in Sisaket

A group connected to the Wetland Association of Rasi Salai plans to set up an organic agriculture network and a new green market in Sisaket’s provincial capital.

Recovering livelihoods from a watery grave

Almost 27 years ago, communities in the Rasi Salai lost the wetlands, central to their lives, to a dam that flooded the surrounding lands. Thousands of families are still waiting to be compensated to this day. An economic valuation could measure the loss and its monetary value and help determine appropriate compensation.