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“Pop Aye” film review: it’s not about the elephant: homecoming and flagship species

Pop Aye is about a middle-aged man facing a midlife crisis. It is a road movie about coming to terms with living and dying. It isn’t really about elephants, yet everywhere you look around here, there’s an elephant.

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Dying from distance – Part 2: At the mercy of an unfaithful system

The story of an ailing man who’s struggling to navigate Thailand’s revered healthcare system — one that fails to care for its neediest patients.

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Den Khamlae – The disappearing face of a land rights movement

Den Khamlae had been a prominent land rights activist in Chaiyaphum province for the past three decades. Until he suddenly disappeared in April 2016.

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Dying from distance – Part 1: One man’s looming fate

An ailing man struggles to navigate Thailand’s revered healthcare system — one that often fails to care for its neediest patients




Forum in Maha Sarakham: top-down public policy failed citizens

At a Mahasarakham University forum, experts and civil society members discuss how to increase public participation in policy-making.


International summit in Si Sa Ket seeks to promote innovative economy

An international summit in Si Sa Ket brings together local communities and participants from around the world to develop innovative projects.


Migrant worker law misses the mark, independent researchers say

Two independent experts comment on what’s in store for Thailand’s labor market after the government introduced a controversial new regulation on foreign labor.


Jailed “Pai Dao Din” slams Prayuth’s questions

Jailed student activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa answers the prime minister’s controversial questions about the next elections.


Fowl cholera hits Maha Sarakham, almost 900 turkeys killed

Authorities in Maha Sarakham imposed a ban on the movement of poultry in and out of the province after hundreds of fowl died.