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Rare human rights event gathers Isaan communities and foreign diplomats

Among heavy security presence, hundreds of Isaan community members and foreign missions from five countries gathered at a rare human rights event last week in Maha Sarakham.

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Isaan’s rickshaw drivers pedal into an unknown future

Cycle rickshaws have survived both Thailand’s rapid modernisation and a ban from the streets of Bangkok. But almost 150 years after making its first appearance, the three-wheeled vehicle is becoming a rare sight in the Northeast.

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New push for potash mining hits opposition in Isaan

As mining companies are rushing to dig up one of the world’s largest potash deposits, local opposition is growing in the Northeast

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Bonnie Brereton: finding democracy in Buddhist murals

Art historian Dr. Bonnie Brereton talks about Buddhist murals as a “democratic vision of society,” and a growing recognition of the shared culture in a region stretching from central Isaan to Laos.




When are half-Thais counted as Thai in Thailand?

White-passing Thais seem to only count as Thai in the eyes of society when they can "out-Thai the Thais."

Top 5 Moments when Isaan music made the news in 2017

From the prime minister's warning to molam listeners to UNESCO's praise of khaen music.

Khon Kaen City’s central bus terminal shuts down after 44 years

After 44 years in operation, city officials shut down Khon Kaen City's central bus station on 1 December. Local vendors and many commuters are dissatisfied with the new bus station's location outside the city.

Transportation hub shuts down, damages hundreds of livelihoods

The announcement to shut down Khon Kaen City’s oldest bus terminal ends a six-year-long clash of interests between locals and city officials.

Isaan Lives: From Meat to Street

A popular street vendor at Khon Kaen University tells her story about changing careers from an unfulfilled office worker in Bangkok to an accomplished business owner.