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Tell us about your “Life Under Dictatorship”

Life Under Dictatorship is our new section chronicling how people live under Thailand’s military dictatorship. We are looking for

  • observations about how dictatorship affects your life, or those of others
  • personal accounts of encounters with the military/authorities
  • reflections on the nature of living under a military dictatorship

You can submit contributions directly and anonymously using the link below.




Ten point plan for devolving power in Thailand to the regions

A 10-step plan for restarting the devolution of power in Thailand beginning with establishing a Minister for the North, for the Northeast, and for the South.

Dissenting voices from Isaan on four years of military rule

Two members of the northeastern NGO community talk about four years of military rule.

Fortify Rights: Dismiss Criminal-Defamation Charges Against Thai PBS and Journalists

The Criminal Court in Bangkok is set to reopen a defamation case against journalists that reported on a controversial gold mining site in Loei Province.

Moderate Party: Beyond the red-yellow divide

A new party wants to move the country beyond the color-coded divide by introducing direct-democracy measures to increase people’s participation in politics.

The tired trope of Isaan women as domestic servants, now on Drag Race Thailand

The age-old trope of Isaan women as domestic servants in Thai media has not gone away just yet.